Our Wines and Borpárlats (Wine Brandies)

2020 Wines

Our new wines will provide you with a new experience! Badacsony Szent Győrgy-Hegy’s finest grapes vinified as new Cüvé, Orange Wine and Rose!

Our Borpárlats (Wine Brandies)

Brandies from St. George’s Mountain combine the unique aromas and flavors of our grapes and wines from the volcanic terroir, capturing the souls of the wines with the power of distillates. (44% A/V)

Badacsony Italian Riesling Borpárlat

With an initially neutral aroma, followed by a slightly mineral, fruity accompaniment, the silky-soft, delicate bitter finish of this brandy is just like a fine Italian Riesling.

Badacsony Kéknyelü Borpárlat

Like our grapes and their wine, this brandy captures the unique neutral, mineral, basalt aroma specific to the site. True St. George’s Mountain!

Badacsony Cabernet Sauvignon Borpárlat

Despite its translucence, this brandy’s aroma evokes a serious red wine. Aromas of ripe blue grapes, barrel notes on the palate, and a full-bodied mouth.

Badacsony Irsai Oliver Borpárlat

Fruit and spices in a sip. Muscat grapes and well-ripened lychee at first sniff are supplemented with lingering bergamot notes. Rich, round, festive…

Sauvignon Blanc Borpárlat

The cut grassy aromas typical of Sauvignon Blanc are reminiscent of fresh hay in this brandy, while the tropical fruit aromas expected from the variety manifest as candied oranges.

Badacsony Kékfrankos Rosé Borpárlat

Made from blue franc grapes, this brandy captures the novelty of its origin. Blue grape notes are accompanied by spicy rose-hip aromas.




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