A Little History of Hungarian Wine… Quality Now!

Hungary, once a leading wine producer in Europe which has gone through two world wars and communist rule until 1989, is now regaining it prominence in the wine world. Private vineyards are producing to export their wine into other European countries and the United States. I have attached two articles that give you an overview of the how the Old World Wines are making their comeback now!

First article, by Janice Robinson, a noted wine author who gives a brief review of the Hungarian history, wine regions and their wine.

The second article by Wine Folly explores only four wine regions but gives you additional insight into Hungary’s growing and respected Old World wine now!

Boksay Vineyard in the Lake Balaton/Badascony Wine Region is a boutique vineyard which produces quality wines, including the indigenous Kéknyelű white wine. You can read more about Our Wines by clicking this link. The Boksay Vineyard, is focused on the quality of their wine, not the quantity; and their goal is to raise awareness of the unique flavors of the wine from this region now.

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